Frequently asked questions

Why use Gro-Hoop instead of traditional wire cages?

It’s time to break free from the cage! Welded wire cages that are one dimensional can sometimes create plant wear damage, not to mention the wire can easily break and rust, they are difficult to store and they do not grow with your plants at various stages of growth like the Gro-Hoop system. Listening to friends and family, while also dealing with our own gardening frustrations, we are proud to have developed a better solution that is super easy to use and store. So many colors and options to choose from also make traditional, deck or container gardening fun while your plants and vegetables thrive.

Where is Gro-Hoop made?

Gro-Hoop is made in the U.S.A. and manufactured in Port Huron, Michigan by Michigan Manufactured Products.

What do customers think of Gro-Hoop?

We could tell you the main reasons why we think you’ll love the Gro-Hoop systems, but our customers say it best! These links take you to customer testimonials and photo galleries of many happy customers showing off their healthy and beautiful plants and vegetables growing superbly with the support of Gro-Hoop systems. Customer Testimonials: https://youtu.be/D3UswR2Appw https://youtu.be/g9vRqZVQsLY

Did I see Gro-Hoop on TV?

Yes you did! We had people searching for our booth at the Novi Michigan Home & Garden Show after seeing the revolutionary gardening segment on Channel 4’s “Live in the D.” Watch our short segment here: https://www.clickondetroit.com/live-in-the-d/gro-through-spring-with-this-new-invention

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